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Welcome to PrivatePlays.net, your source for the VERY BEST MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball wagering information. Make this season one to remember with plays from Private Plays, one of the most insightful and winning sports services in the business today.
When you order a sports subscription from Private Plays you are getting sports plays from the most eminent sports service in the country. 
Private Plays handicappers are Jim Millman, who covers MLB, NCAA Football and the NBA and John Henry, who covers the NFL and NCAA Basketball. Our handicappers bring over 19 combined years of successful experience to the table. 
In order to maximize profit potential and minimize risk for our subscribers, all of our recommended plays go through intense quantitative, fundamental and technical analysis before being released.
Sports Subscriptions 
(Plays updated between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM ET Daily)
Plays will be emailed to current subscribers while we are on vacation. Subscriptions closed to new subscribers until we return.
Gameday Package  
What to expect: All plays released for the current day.
Gameday Package - $9.00 [ n/a ] 
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CBB 7 Days & Regular season
What to expect: Up to 3+ CBB plays each day. 7 Days: One day credit for any passing day. Regular Season: Will include some "passing" days.
CBB 7 Days - $39.00 [ n/a ] 
CBB Reg. Season - $99.00 [ n/a ] 
NBA 7 & 30 Days
What to expect: Our 1 best play each day. One day credit for any passing day.
NBA 7 Days - $39.00 [ n/a ] 
NBA 30 Days - $99.00 [ n/a ] 
NFL Regular Season
What to expect: Up to 3+ NFL plays each week (usually Sundays) during the regular season.
NFL Regular Season - $99.00 [ OTB ] 
CFB Regular Season  
What to expect: Up to 3+ CFB plays each week (usually Saturdays) during the regular season.
CFB Regular Season - $99.00 [ OTB ] 
NFL & CFB Combo
What to expect: With this package you will receive all NFL and CFB plays released during the regular season.
NFL & CFB Combo - $149.00 [ OTB ]